VSP: Transport Systems Planning and Telematics

Technische Universität Berlin

VSP Project websites

VSP maintains project websites for many of our research topics:

  • VSP Homepage - Department homepage for VSP at the Institute for Land and Sea Transport, TU Berlin
  • SimWrapper - Simulation visualization platform
  • matsim.org - MATSim home page

Planning Projects:

  • Sounding Board
  • KelRide - Driverless city buses in Kelheim, Bavaria
  • RealLabHH - RealLabHH (Hamburg)
  • KoMo:Dnext - Automated driving in the Düsseldorf digital testfield
  • PAVE - Berlin PAVE Project - demand responsive transit
  • AVÖV - AVÖV Website (Automated, networked, public transport)


Some further information